My 2 Greatest Fashion Inspirations

 Fashion is a huge part of my life and it’s always been something I’ve been into even if I haven’tscreen-shot-2016-10-22-at-11-55-16-am always been good at it (and whose to say I am) because fashion is relative and not every one sees things the way some people do. I however like how I dress when I’m not in Lulu and an oversized shirt. I think it’s a great way to express yourself and to show others who you are and how you feel. An outfit or a pair of shoes can say a lot depending on the day and I love that fact. Here I am talking about the people who inspired me to find my own style and create my own image. Luckily, I got to live in one of the greatest fashion capitals in the world – New York City! Some day I hope to visit a few more!

Bill Cunningham (1929-2016)

I know you’re probably thinking Bill Cunningham? But he was a great photographer most known for photographing street fashion while on his bike and infamous blue jacket. He practically lived on Fifth Ave and was known by all – everyone would look for the man on a bicycle with a camera in his hand. He was one of New York’s living landmarks and was truly missed when he passed away. The New York Times dedicated a paper to him full of tributes from High End and well known designers. This man was truly missed within the world of fashion and will forever be missed.

Why I love Bill Cunningham and why he inspires me (regardless of the fact that he wasn’t necessarily in street fashion) is because he truly did turn the streets into a runway. He was known for capturing people on the street such as Anna Wintour also known as Vogue’s editor-in-chief. His photography was amazing and the things he inspired will never be forgotten. He will truly be missed by all and the fashion world has lost someone  who was truly extraordinary in all ways. I highly recommend reading about him because he truly lived a one of a kind life and it really was inspiring.

“The best fashion show is on the street – always has been and always will be”.

Anna Wintour (1949-)

Anna’s name is well known within the fashion world and she’s a very sought after person. Vogue is the leading fashion magazine within the word featuring a wide array of celebrities on it’s cover. To be featured on the cover is a true blessing. Forbes deems her as the most influential woman in fashion. Why I really like her though is because she is the chairwoman in charge of making the Met Gala as spectacular as it is. She is what inspired fashion and has always made the Met Gala as powerful and successful as it is. She has turned it into a powerhouse of new and exciting fashion and the most influential people in the world.

The Met Gala is hosted at New York’s very own Metropolitan Museum of Art near 72nd and is one of the Met’s only events that must fund itself. I love seeing how the celebrities and some of the worlds most influential people dress up to fit the them. The past theme was Manus X Machina was based on an exhibition which inspired a ton of designers to create some of the best dresses and looks I’ve ever seen. Alexander Wang created the most gorgeous dress I have ever seen and the beautiful Claire Danes was the one who got to wear that real life work of art.

Anna Wintour has paved the way for fashion and I love how she trail blazes through the fashion world and the paths she is making. The traditions and wisdom she will leave behind will be ones that will never be forgotten. She has succeeded in everything she has done from Vogue to the Met Gala and I am so grateful we live in a world where Anna Wintour is alive.

If you really want to know a little more about Anna Wintour, check out this video! She truly is an amazing and interesting woman.


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