New Beginnings


A month or so ago I moved from the greatest city in the world back home for some personal reasons. Embracing change is hard, but letting things happen by chance is even harder. Change is good and it can be good. I thought when I moved back everything was going to get worse but I was wrong. I’m working at a job I love. I’m closer with my family than ever (even though we still have our off days). I’m also working on my next move but right now I’m content with the way things are. I’m cutting out everything in my life that isn’t important or that doesn’t help me to be the best person I can be. I’m working on myself and although the progress is slow, it is surely happening.

My life is definitely less of an adventure than it was when I was going out in New York but it feels like an actual stable life. In New York I had 0 stability and little responsibility and I wasn’t really held accountable for anything. That’s all changing and it’s really scary but I’m really excited to see what comes of all of this change. I hate when things change but for once I’m actually looking forward to something much bigger and better. I certainly will be moving back to New York but not anytime too soon and while I’m back home I plan to make the best of it.

So this is what’s happening currently, I don’t do much besides work anymore since I’m getting into a routine of working long days but I’ll leave you with this, “Every end is a new beginning”.



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