My November Favorites

I’m always expanding my wardrobe and style, but this month I’ve started expanding while mixing a few of my old favorinovember-favoritestes as well! Lately I’ve been loving darker colors as well as pale shades (my favorite being a pale green). I’m also taking inspiration from so many style bloggers and pulling inspiration from different tumblr pictures.
I’ve lately been shopping at Forever 21 and HM for a few of these trendy pieces that are super in right now. I highly recommend checking out stores such as asos, Forever 21, HM, Charlotte Russe, etc.

  1. Faux Fur: I love textures and I love faux fur anything! I absolutely am obsessed with faux fur jackets yet I haven’t tried to pull one off yet, I own a few fur vests which I love! I’ve seen a few cute faux fur jackets at Forever 21 and Target and I think they’re so cute and reasonably priced. I think they’re also super trendy and cute statement pieces within a wardrobe. With the right outfit they would be perfect for any holiday party!
  2. Naked 3 Palette: This has long been a favorite of mine – I’m obsessed with all the shimmery shades and the lighter shades. I have been puling out my palette more and more and giving it more use! This is by far my favorite palette and the only one I will consider repurchasing. I wasn’t a huge fan of the 1 and 2. This palette is a little bit of an investment but highly worth it I’ve had mine for quite a while and I’ve yet to hit pan! I also think it’s the perfect versatile palette for casual and glam make up looks.
  3. Bodysuits: These have been around for so long and I’ve always liked them, but lately I’m just absolutely obsessed with them and I’m always looking for a good bodysuit! My favorite ones are from Forever21! They are super soft, good quality, and totally worth the price! Whenever I go shopping, I always find myself looking for a good bodysuit!
  4. Boyfriend Jeans: I love how versatile boyfriend jeans are and I think they are perfect for any outfit! I usually wear mine with a body suit or a crop top. I think they are super comfy and I especially love them when they’re distressed! My favorite ones happen to be from America Eagle but I’ve seen a few cute pairs at other stores and I also think they would be an easy and fun DIY project if you’re the crafty type.
  5. High Tops: I swear I’m having an identity crisis because I used to hate high top converse with a passion. I used to think they were so boring and plain and ugly and look at me now. The white pair are my go to casual shoes for the fall. I love how comfy they are and I love the look of white converse with boyfriend jeans, leggings, skirts, etc. They are such a cute and casual shoe. Also, I love how affordable they are! The low ones are also super cute, I have those too and I also tend to wear them quite a bit.
  6. Chokers: I love chokers I think they’re so fun and trendy and they give such an edge to a look. I have a few and I’m always looking for more. Forever21 has the best chokers around and they’re all super reasonably priced (all under like $10). They’re just so fun and I love wearing mine all the time!
  7. York Wristlet: I used to be obsessed with purses for a while and it’s not like I don’t like them, but lately I’ve been into just carrying around a wristlet. I hate having a big bulky bag lately and I just tend to carry my wristlet. I love this one and it’s my favorite one I own, I love how much it carries and I also really love how my iPhone fits into it!
  8. Lace-Up Flats: I have been loving lace up flats recently. I have a pair and I’ve been wearing them nonstop (when I’m not wearing my converse). I think they are super cute and trendy and I think they add a fun little flair to almost any outfit. I think they look super cute with boyfriend jeans and a striped top or even a fun skater skirt! I defiantly think every girl should have a pair!


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