Inspiration Board: December



Last month, I was all about the pastel shades of green and begonia and anything purple but right now I’m feeling tans, baby pinks, and shades of red (mostly maroon). My current inspiration board is inspired by higher end fashion pieces and higher end models not that that’s important – I was digging the colors mostly and the pictures happened to fit. I also added a quote thscreen-shot-2016-11-27-at-8-13-27-pmis time and I think it’s really inspiring. Back to my point, I’m inspired by these colors and I see myself incorporating them into my wardrobe quite often.

Like I said, I’m digging these colors and I think they’re so in and cute right now. Especially when mixed and match. I love nudes and tans with almost anything because they literally match almost any color. I also love shades of pink (baby pink happens to be my absolute favorite shade). I find myself wearing that quite often even if it’s spring-y/summer-y. I tend to find myself wearing it with lots of neutrals and whites and blacks and other pieces that happen to bring it into the winter season. I have always been a fan of maroon as well, even in
the summer. I love how rich in color it is and I love how it matches so much. I feel like I can wear it with my J.Crew Tartan City Mini or my gold sequined skirt and either way it works perfectly. It’s such a pretty color and it’s a more fun alternative to the boring and usual black (not that I’m not a fan of black #lavieennoir). There are so many other cool I’m loving but these happen to be my favorites. I’m also really liking taupes, creams, and navy right now. Perfect winter colors that match everything. screen-shot-2016-11-27-at-8-17-27-pm

There are so many cute pieces out this winter and that are nothing new to the world of “fashion” but these are some that I really love and can’t get enough of. I love sunglasses and I swear I’m always looking for the perfect pair. Right now, I have the classic RayBan Wayfarer in a tortoise brown color but I’m really liking this sleek style from them as well and I think these would be such a cute and versatile staple piece in any wardrobe. I’m still obsessing over chokers, nothing new. I only have them in black but I’m starting to like the other shades and colors. I think a choker in maroon and one in baby pink would be so cute. Also, one in white satin would be so beautiful if you could pull it off (because personally, I cannot). OTK boots are so trendy right now and so many people are eyeing the Stuart Weitzman Tieland Boots but at the high price of $800 I could see the problem with not buying them. Luckily there are so many cute dupes and inspired styles all over the place! I bought a similar pair last year but ended up not wearing them as much so I sold them and here I am eyeing them again – hopefully I’ll add a similar pair to my shoe collection soon. The first time I ever saw a cape, it was from Burberry and I just thought it was the cutest thing I’ve ever seen and I never thought I could pull it off. Lately, I’m loving them and I’ve seen some really cute ones at Nordstrom and Target in a wide variety of prices. I especially love them when they have a pattern and when they’re worn over all black as a fun statement piece. I’ve always been a fan of just carrying around my wallet which doubles as a wristlet (I linked a similar style) but I’m finding myself carrying more and more stuff each week. I don’t think I need a tote bag but I totally see the purpose in carrying a cross body. There are so many cute styles everywhere – I love the RM Mini Mac. As per usual, I’m also still into faux fur everything. I don’t think I’m brave enough to pull off a full on fur jacket so I’ll just stick to my vests right now. Not only do faux fur jackets look cute and fun – they’re also warm so #bonus. I’m still really into anything off-the-shoulder and I’m in the market for a few more tops like this the are in basic and versatile colors for day to day wear. Lastly, I’m loving skater skirts. They’re so cute and fun and just add a completely flintiness to an outfit. I’m always looking for cute skirts and last time I saw forever 21 had some similar skirts just in different colors than what I’m looking for.

Right now this is everything I’m loving so if you’re loving anything let me know! XO.


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