Stocking Stuffers & Secret Santa Gifts


Christmas is right around the corner and last minute christmas shopping is a huge thing for my family and I. I know I always have trouble finding the perfect things to fill a stocking or give as gifts.I’ve come to learn that you can absolutely never go wrong with gift cards so thats why my secret santa is getting one from me however if you know a person well enough – I think you should opt for a gift or a gift card with a small gift! These are things I personally would love to receive so I’m sure the list will vary from person to person but hopefully you see a few things you like as well!

Phone Case (customization available) // UD Naked Basics 2 // Gift Card (would be really cute with a small gift related to the actual card!) // Pocket Sized Planner // Monogram Necklace (lots of options – Etsy also has a variety!) // Fuzzy Socks // Candles // Too Faced “Better Than Sex”Mascara (a must have!) // Travel Coffee Mug // Choker // Make-Up Bag // Swell Bottle // Lipstick (lots of colors available!) // TB Logo Earrings //  Instax Mini 8

The most important thing to remember is that Christmas is more about giving than it is about receiving. Just putting in a small effort will bring anyone happiness and joy. Christmas is a such a wonderful time of year to be around family and friends and to be surrounded with people you love! Hope y’all have the best Christmas ever!

Other Gift Ideas:

Wine with a customized tag (white zinfandel or rose are my favs!)

Homemade cookies or other yummy holiday treats

A donation to the recipients favorite charity in their name

A custom photo album w/  pictures of both of you

A day with you (ex. shopping, movies, dinner, etc.)


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