Run The Jewels Concert Experience

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So I ended up buying a ticket to the Run The Jewels: Run The World Tour – as you can see I got a shitty pic among various cool videos which I’ll post on my Instagram! I ended up going to one of four New York shows and I went on Saturday the 25th of February.

To start off, let me say, I was really excited to go because I love anything in New York, these people seriously know how to party – I mean they definitely don’t call it the city that never sleep for anything! I loved the vibe of the concert personally and Killer Mike and El-P were amazing and honestly the experience was so surreal, I never realized how many people loved this Duo! I personally only discovered them early January from some random guy! But back to what I was saying, the aura and vibe during their concert was amazing. All the fans knew all the lyrics and they put on a super amazing show and their set list was 10/10. Every song was amazing and was great for singing along and dancing too!

A highlight of the show was definitely when Gangsta Boo came on during “Love Again”. That’s one of my favorite songs from them and I loved how after the song she made sure to emphasize that “P***y is power” and she made sure it was engrained in everyone’s head. She was like a magical goddess and my drunk self was in love with her and I’ll definelty look more into her at a later time!

Like stated, the vibe was amazing and I was super happy I went. Killer Mike and El-P put on a great show and it 100% exceeded my expectations. At first I was excited and as time went I was starting to get a little apprehensive about going just because the ticket was so much but I am happy I went and it was such a surreal and amazing experience to be there.

The only downside was the schedule of the concert. Usually in New York people don’t get to places on time and usually come significantly late. To be fair, I never once looked at the schedule on El-P’s Instagram so it’s my fault for showing up at 10pm and missing all the openers but besides the point. I didn’t expect the concert to be done so fast! They started at 10:15 and went until around 11:30 and I half expected it to go later than that even if it wasn’t them playing. It may have just been me but I thought they ended particularly early and I definitely thought they could have started later on and had different openers!

But another plus was the location! The venue – Terminal 5 – was located in Hell’s Kitchen and it was super close to a lot of awesome restaurants and bars so afterwards going out was really simple and made super easy! One of my favorite bars in that area is Bar Bacon and I highly recommend that to anyone in the area regardless of whether or not you are visit the venue. It’s also pretty close to the Meatpacking District which is also a quick cab ride away!

Overall my experience was amazing and I’m so grateful and happy that I went. The show was 10/10 and if they’re ever around again I would love to go! I would higly reccomend the show if they still have available dates near you!


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