My Favorite Healthy Snacks


I’m not the healthiest person but I’m trying to change my ways! I just started a gym membership (and I’m kind of obsessed with going) and I’ve been trying to reach for more healthy options when it comes to snacks! Above are a few of my favorite things I love to reach for and do quite often!

Lara Bars  

These are by far my favorite bars to eat and I’ve tried quite a few! I’ve never been too into kind bars or cliff bars but I love these! I love the flavors they come in and I love how healthy they are compared to other similar options. I’m also a fan of the vegan options which I think is super cool! My personal favorite flavors happen to be the chocolate chip cookie dough one which is amazing and I’m a sucker for the peanut butter and jelly flavor as well!

Naked Juice

So I’m not the biggest fan of water at all unless it’s with lemon. So whenever I’m out somewhere and I’m thirsty I tend to reach for these! They aren’t the healthiest drinks but they’re a better option than soda or some sugary juice! I also love how filling they are! I’ll usually get one of these between meals and it’ll tide me over until it’s time to eat again.


I love fruit but I’m super picky about eating it and how I prepare it. I tend to buy the precut fruit because it’s much easier to separate and pack away for snacks. However, I don’t mind cutting up my fruit as well. I absolutely love strawberries and pineapples and I find myself eating those all the time. They’re so sweet and juicy and I love how they feel like a healthier dessert. I also love apples soaked in lemon juice!


I eat these by the handful and sometimes even by the carton. I swear these are my favorite snack ever and I’m obsessed with them. They’re not only healthy, but they are also sweet and juicy! They’re also super easy to grab and pack for a quick snack!

Nuts and Almonds 

I don’t often eat nuts but I do occasionally like to grab a small handful. They’re really good for you and high in protein and that’s a plus!


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