Pieces I’m Loving

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I never have had a specific style and I never really fit a certain mold. I’ve always wore what makes me happy. Some days I love wearing Oxford’s with plaid skirts and other days I love wearing crop tops with ripped jeans. Right now I’m working on building a solid wardrobe of pieces that are more versatile for everyday life and that can be worn with different outfits. However, here are a few things that I love and think would be super fun for spring – most of these pieces are super versatile as well, while others are a tad bit trendy. I’ve linked similar pieces below!

Off The Shoulder Anything 

I love anything off the shoulder! I am a full supporter of off the shoulder tops and dresses! I love the fun vibe they give and I think they really accentuate most people’s collar bones – especially with dainty necklaces.

Lace Trim Top // Striped Top // Floral Top

Pom Pom Sandals

These are 100% the tackiest things I’ve ever seen but I’m in love! I’m dying for a pair that I can wear with all white or even a cute sundress! I love how fun they are and how they make a statement with any outfit!

Slide Sandal // Lace Up Sandal 1 (you can sign up for 10% off)  // Lace Up Sandal 2

Rose Gold Sunnies

I love sunglasses and I wear them all the time! I recently invested in a pair of wayfarers but before I had a rose gold and pink pair from RayBan and I absolutely loved them! There are so many places to get cheap sunglasses too which I think is super awesome – I love Forever 21s selection!

RayBan Aviators // Quay Sunnies // Mirrored Aviators

Casual Sneakers

I’m loving casual sneakers these days and I love the trend of wearing them with nicer things – i.e. dresses, skirts, etc. I love how cute they can be and I love the air of casualness that they can bring to almost any outfit! I’m especially loving Adidas Superstars and I’ll link the exact pair below!

Rose Gold Adidas // High Top Vans // Converse (I love these, I have 2 pairs!)

Striped Dresses

I love this pattern on a dress and I think it’s so flattering! I’m the biggest fan of stripes and I love a solid light blue/white stripe combo on almost anything! I think it’s so versatile and it looks super great with pops of color.

Off the Shoulder // Cut Out Dress // Ruffled Dress

Graphic Jumper 

I’m loving these for everyday looks! I have one and it’s super soft and I love the look of it with almost anything! I wear mine to bed a lot but I also love wearing it with jeans and sneakers out while running errands.

Coffee Till Cocktails (I have this one and I adore it) // Somewhere Sunny // My Happy Place

Distressed Denim 

I love distressed denim anything. I love how casual it can make an outfit and I love distressed boyfriend jeans with a nice pointy pump if you’re going for an edgier look. I’m always looking for different styles of distressed denim pants – I’m loving the ones with frayed edges right now (even if I’m not bold enough to pull them off)! Also, distressing jeans is super easy and would make a fun DIY project!

Boyfriend Jeans // Frayed Bottoms // Skinny Jeans


I love watches and I think they’re a necessity in everyday life. I have a baby pink and gold one that I wear quite often. I think besides being the obvious tool, they’re also a really fun statement piece. I also believe that watches should be something you splurge on because they are a lasting piece that will never go out of style – well, depending on the style you get.

Pink Watch // Gold Watch // Rose Gold Watch

Dainty Necklaces  

I love necklaces and I wear one everyday 24/7. I love the look of a daintier necklace especially when it’s layered. I have a rose gold one with a small diamond pendent and I’m looking to get a personalized bar necklace neck so I can layer them together!

Bar Necklace // KS Elisa // Gold Choker (I have this exact one and I love it)


These are a few of my favorite things right now that I love and of course there are so many more, but these happen to be my favorite trends I’m loving!

A few other noteworthy items are: lace-up tops, denim skirts, caged sandals, wrap tops, jumpsuits, utility vests, and western booties.



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