Packing Tips

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So a few of y’all may know that I’m going to Los Angeles in 2 weeks for a trip to see my friend Austin – he lives more in Santa Barbara so that’s mostly where I’ll be! I’ll also be having a layover in Dallas and I’ll finally get to meet my gal Jas – all the feels, I’m honestly so pumped!

Alright, so I’m a horrible packer and I like to pack everything that I think I may wear but I really only end up wearing a few things on rotation so in the end I end up way over packing! I’m trying to manage to fit all my stuff into a carry on but I may end up having to check my bag because the amount of stuff I’m packing is getting pretty ridiculous. So here are a few tips that I have!

▼ Maximize your carry on(s) ▼

I’m almost positive I’m going to end up checking my bag because the standard carry on I have is a little too small seeing how it exactly fits the carry on sizing limits. But I know for a fact I’m bringing my North Face Backpack which is easy to carry and it’s fairly roomy! I highly recommend a backpack opposed to a large tote or duffel bag because it frees up both hands. If you really feel the need, bringing a cross body would also help – you would be able to keep important things at easy reach and still be hands free!

A good tip when packing your carry on’s is to have things you may need in case your luggage gets lost. I’ll be carrying my Mac, chargers, my makeup bag, jewelry, etc. I’m definitely also bringing a bag of essentials and a change of clothes that are weather appropriate!

▼ Packing Cubes + Other Storage Bags

Holy crap I love these! I love how easily they help to store clothes and keep things organized! I know whenever I go somewhere my suitcase always becomes a jumbled mess with everything packed loosely! I think these are so handy and Target right now has some really cute ones here and here! Not only are they handy for travel but it also helps you maximize space and cut down on clutter! I also love these bags for travel!

So the suitcase I’m most likely bring is this one from Swiss Gear which I absolutely adore! When I purchased mine it not only came with a wet bag (which I’m storing all my bathing suits in) but it came with a garment bag and another miscellaneous bag which I’ll most likely end up storing all my tank tops and basics in! I love the fact that this suitcase has so many places to store items in and I love the fact that it allows you to compartmentalize things!

Stick to a color palette ▼

Like stated, I’m an overpacker and I tend to pack everything and anything I think I may wear. This trip I’m sticking to a color palette to help maximize all my outfits! My logic is that if I stick to a color palette, almost everything I pack should be interchangeable and should match most everything else! The palette I’m sticking with is white, cream, baby pink, black, and pale green! I’m hoping if I do this, then I won’t need to pack as many clothing items because they’ll all be able to mix and match with ease!

Also, packing staples is a must! Right now I have 5 different black bottoms packed which shouldn’t be the case! Cutting back on these would not only save space, but would probably make my suitcase quite a bit lighter! Only try to pack one of everything that you will need! In the end I would like to bring only 2 different black bottoms!

Shoes is also a really hard one for me because I have so many and I love them all so much! Right now I pretty much have my shoe situation figured out and I’m only trying to bring one of each color – i.e. nude heels, black wedges, black heels, etc. Shoes are super heavy and take up a lot of room and I’m really trying to make space in my suitcase! Also, knowing me I’ll probably only wear 1-2 pairs the whole time I’m there!

So far these are the tips I’m trying to follow! Hopefully everything goes smoothly but I still have a little less than 2 weeks to get everything all situated!



Pieces I’m Loving

feb must haves.jpg

I never have had a specific style and I never really fit a certain mold. I’ve always wore what makes me happy. Some days I love wearing Oxford’s with plaid skirts and other days I love wearing crop tops with ripped jeans. Right now I’m working on building a solid wardrobe of pieces that are more versatile for everyday life and that can be worn with different outfits. However, here are a few things that I love and think would be super fun for spring – most of these pieces are super versatile as well, while others are a tad bit trendy. I’ve linked similar pieces below!

Off The Shoulder Anything 

I love anything off the shoulder! I am a full supporter of off the shoulder tops and dresses! I love the fun vibe they give and I think they really accentuate most people’s collar bones – especially with dainty necklaces.

Lace Trim Top // Striped Top // Floral Top

Pom Pom Sandals

These are 100% the tackiest things I’ve ever seen but I’m in love! I’m dying for a pair that I can wear with all white or even a cute sundress! I love how fun they are and how they make a statement with any outfit!

Slide Sandal // Lace Up Sandal 1 (you can sign up for 10% off)  // Lace Up Sandal 2

Rose Gold Sunnies

I love sunglasses and I wear them all the time! I recently invested in a pair of wayfarers but before I had a rose gold and pink pair from RayBan and I absolutely loved them! There are so many places to get cheap sunglasses too which I think is super awesome – I love Forever 21s selection!

RayBan Aviators // Quay Sunnies // Mirrored Aviators

Casual Sneakers

I’m loving casual sneakers these days and I love the trend of wearing them with nicer things – i.e. dresses, skirts, etc. I love how cute they can be and I love the air of casualness that they can bring to almost any outfit! I’m especially loving Adidas Superstars and I’ll link the exact pair below!

Rose Gold Adidas // High Top Vans // Converse (I love these, I have 2 pairs!)

Striped Dresses

I love this pattern on a dress and I think it’s so flattering! I’m the biggest fan of stripes and I love a solid light blue/white stripe combo on almost anything! I think it’s so versatile and it looks super great with pops of color.

Off the Shoulder // Cut Out Dress // Ruffled Dress

Graphic Jumper 

I’m loving these for everyday looks! I have one and it’s super soft and I love the look of it with almost anything! I wear mine to bed a lot but I also love wearing it with jeans and sneakers out while running errands.

Coffee Till Cocktails (I have this one and I adore it) // Somewhere Sunny // My Happy Place

Distressed Denim 

I love distressed denim anything. I love how casual it can make an outfit and I love distressed boyfriend jeans with a nice pointy pump if you’re going for an edgier look. I’m always looking for different styles of distressed denim pants – I’m loving the ones with frayed edges right now (even if I’m not bold enough to pull them off)! Also, distressing jeans is super easy and would make a fun DIY project!

Boyfriend Jeans // Frayed Bottoms // Skinny Jeans


I love watches and I think they’re a necessity in everyday life. I have a baby pink and gold one that I wear quite often. I think besides being the obvious tool, they’re also a really fun statement piece. I also believe that watches should be something you splurge on because they are a lasting piece that will never go out of style – well, depending on the style you get.

Pink Watch // Gold Watch // Rose Gold Watch

Dainty Necklaces  

I love necklaces and I wear one everyday 24/7. I love the look of a daintier necklace especially when it’s layered. I have a rose gold one with a small diamond pendent and I’m looking to get a personalized bar necklace neck so I can layer them together!

Bar Necklace // KS Elisa // Gold Choker (I have this exact one and I love it)


These are a few of my favorite things right now that I love and of course there are so many more, but these happen to be my favorite trends I’m loving!

A few other noteworthy items are: lace-up tops, denim skirts, caged sandals, wrap tops, jumpsuits, utility vests, and western booties.


My Favorite Healthy Snacks


I’m not the healthiest person but I’m trying to change my ways! I just started a gym membership (and I’m kind of obsessed with going) and I’ve been trying to reach for more healthy options when it comes to snacks! Above are a few of my favorite things I love to reach for and do quite often!

Lara Bars  

These are by far my favorite bars to eat and I’ve tried quite a few! I’ve never been too into kind bars or cliff bars but I love these! I love the flavors they come in and I love how healthy they are compared to other similar options. I’m also a fan of the vegan options which I think is super cool! My personal favorite flavors happen to be the chocolate chip cookie dough one which is amazing and I’m a sucker for the peanut butter and jelly flavor as well!

Naked Juice

So I’m not the biggest fan of water at all unless it’s with lemon. So whenever I’m out somewhere and I’m thirsty I tend to reach for these! They aren’t the healthiest drinks but they’re a better option than soda or some sugary juice! I also love how filling they are! I’ll usually get one of these between meals and it’ll tide me over until it’s time to eat again.


I love fruit but I’m super picky about eating it and how I prepare it. I tend to buy the precut fruit because it’s much easier to separate and pack away for snacks. However, I don’t mind cutting up my fruit as well. I absolutely love strawberries and pineapples and I find myself eating those all the time. They’re so sweet and juicy and I love how they feel like a healthier dessert. I also love apples soaked in lemon juice!


I eat these by the handful and sometimes even by the carton. I swear these are my favorite snack ever and I’m obsessed with them. They’re not only healthy, but they are also sweet and juicy! They’re also super easy to grab and pack for a quick snack!

Nuts and Almonds 

I don’t often eat nuts but I do occasionally like to grab a small handful. They’re really good for you and high in protein and that’s a plus!


Run The Jewels Concert Experience

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

So I ended up buying a ticket to the Run The Jewels: Run The World Tour – as you can see I got a shitty pic among various cool videos which I’ll post on my Instagram! I ended up going to one of four New York shows and I went on Saturday the 25th of February.

To start off, let me say, I was really excited to go because I love anything in New York, these people seriously know how to party – I mean they definitely don’t call it the city that never sleep for anything! I loved the vibe of the concert personally and Killer Mike and El-P were amazing and honestly the experience was so surreal, I never realized how many people loved this Duo! I personally only discovered them early January from some random guy! But back to what I was saying, the aura and vibe during their concert was amazing. All the fans knew all the lyrics and they put on a super amazing show and their set list was 10/10. Every song was amazing and was great for singing along and dancing too!

A highlight of the show was definitely when Gangsta Boo came on during “Love Again”. That’s one of my favorite songs from them and I loved how after the song she made sure to emphasize that “P***y is power” and she made sure it was engrained in everyone’s head. She was like a magical goddess and my drunk self was in love with her and I’ll definelty look more into her at a later time!

Like stated, the vibe was amazing and I was super happy I went. Killer Mike and El-P put on a great show and it 100% exceeded my expectations. At first I was excited and as time went I was starting to get a little apprehensive about going just because the ticket was so much but I am happy I went and it was such a surreal and amazing experience to be there.

The only downside was the schedule of the concert. Usually in New York people don’t get to places on time and usually come significantly late. To be fair, I never once looked at the schedule on El-P’s Instagram so it’s my fault for showing up at 10pm and missing all the openers but besides the point. I didn’t expect the concert to be done so fast! They started at 10:15 and went until around 11:30 and I half expected it to go later than that even if it wasn’t them playing. It may have just been me but I thought they ended particularly early and I definitely thought they could have started later on and had different openers!

But another plus was the location! The venue – Terminal 5 – was located in Hell’s Kitchen and it was super close to a lot of awesome restaurants and bars so afterwards going out was really simple and made super easy! One of my favorite bars in that area is Bar Bacon and I highly recommend that to anyone in the area regardless of whether or not you are visit the venue. It’s also pretty close to the Meatpacking District which is also a quick cab ride away!

Overall my experience was amazing and I’m so grateful and happy that I went. The show was 10/10 and if they’re ever around again I would love to go! I would higly reccomend the show if they still have available dates near you!


January/February Playlist


So every month I make a new playlist and I start a little early on the next month only if I start to get bored with the current month’s playlist – which is usually because I have a bad habit of overplaying songs I like. I’m always looking for new music and I have a pretty wide interest in music genres. I’ll keep this part short so here are a few of my favorites from my January and February playlists.

5 A.M. – Kartell ♦ Homegrown – Haux ♦ Tell Me That – TĀLĀ ♦ Overdose – Armors ♦

Leave This Place – Lione ♦ Deep of the Night (ft. Diamond Thug) – Goldfish ♦

stfu (ft. Spark Master Tape) – mansions ♦ Pure – Shannon Saunders ♦ Alone – Marshmello ♦

Outlaw – Sinead Burgess  ♦ It’s Alright – Fractures ♦

Anything You Want – HYDDE & MOONZz (fav song rn) ♦ Castle on the Hill – Ed Sheeran ♦

Daylight // Follow Me – Beauvois ♦ Don’t Manipulate (ft. PG-13) – Almand (another fav!)  

♦ Oceans Away – A R I Z O N A ♦ Is It Love (ft. Yeah Boy) [Sultan + Shepard Remix] // You

Want More – 3Lau ♦ Millon Eyes – Loïc Notte ♦  Run The Jewels // Legend Has It // Close

Your Eyes  – Run The Jewels ♦ Forever or Nothing (ft. Lauren Bennett) – NERVO & Savi ♦

Trouble – RIVRS ♦ Body Say – Demi Lovato ♦ Please Don’t Go – Joel Adams  ♦ Only One –

Sigala ♦ Everything – R3hab & SkyTech ♦ Can’t Go Wrong – Wiley ♦

Paris – The Chainsmokers (casually waiting for them to drop a full length) ♦ 

You Don’t Know Me // What I Want // Be Mine- Offenbach ♦

Kids (Soulwave Remix) – MGMT ♦ PRBLMS – 6LACK (on repeat) ♦ 

Sex for Breakfast – Life of Dillon ♦ Castro (ft. Kanye, Big Sean, Quavo & 2 Chainz) – Yo Gotti

(thanking god for this one) ♦ Where You Are (ft. Wired) – Sammy Adams ♦

Feel Something (ft. REMMI) – Black Coast ♦ See You Son – dePresno ♦ History – Oliva Holt

♦ When You Love Someone – James TW


So those were a few of my favorites which happened to make it into the list! I obviously listen to a lot more but these are the most noteworthy! Hopefully the layout of this wasn’t too annoying to read! Hope you enjoy!


Beach Please (Style Guide)

I don’t know about you but I’m super excited for warmer weather! Also, currently in the middle of trying to plan a trip to somewhere with a warmer climate! Even though the beach-pleasetemperature has been saying 20’s my heart has been saying 80’s and 90’s! I’ve started to start shopping for spring/summer clothing and I’m all about the relaxed beach look and resort wear! I’m so over cold weather and I’m ready to be sitting on the beach in a bathing suit with a book in one hand and  a mimosa in the other.

Lately, I’ve been starting to buy more and more summer-esque clothing and I’m loving all the muted colors that have been coming out for the upcoming season! I’ve always been a fan of muted and pastel shades and I’m super excited for all of these colors to be all over the place and easy to find! Here are a few of my favorites:

Colors from

Like I said, I’ve started buying more and more clothes for the summer to add to my already existing summer wardrobe. I’m loving tassels and stripes right now and I think they channel the beach-y vibe I’m going for perfectly! Right now Aerie has the cutest pieces for the summer and I’m eyeing literally everything (especially since they’re always doing sales)!  Aerie happens to be my favorite right now but Nordstrom and Forever 21 have some cute pieces as well that happen to fit this beach-y aesthetic!

I’ve said this probably a thousand times already but I just love the style of beach wear and I just can’t get enough of it. It really makes me contemplate living in new england! I’m also loving beach accessories right now and I love all the styles coming out right now! Here are a few pieces I’m currently loving and would love to get my hands on:
Cat Eye Sunnies // Striped Tote // Phone Case (half off) // Espadrilles // Floppy Hat (linked similar) // Bandana // Bronzer
Another thing I’m loving right now is one piece swimsuits! I did a swimwear guide here! I recently picked up a one piece that’s to die for featuring scallops, a plunging neckline and back, and the right amount of cheekiness and I’m in love! My favorite places to get swimsuits right now is Top Shop! Be sure to check out my post on those linked above!
I’ve been loving all this beach wear and I’m super excited for summer to come! Good luck in all your shopping for the upcoming season!

Swimwear + Sandal Guide


I personally believe that it’s never too early to start shopping for swimsuits and sandals – especially if you live somewhere warm and sunny 24/7. Swimsuits have always been my guilty pleasure and I own more than I should but I finally ended up cleaning out my massive collection and now I’m ready to start adding to it again! I’m all about the “One Piece Revival” that’s happening! I totally prefer one pieces to my usual favorite – the bikini! I listed a bunch of my favorite swimsuits all in a variety of price ranges! They’re all super cute and fun and I can’t wait to get my hands on a few of them!

Black Cutout One Piece // Plunging Neckline One Piece // Ruffle One Piece (totally getting this asap!) // Reversible One Piece // Lace Up One Piece (i have this in a different print!) // Mesh Paneled One Piece // Lace Up Back One Piece //  Lace Up Halter Top // Wrap Bikini Top // High Neck Bikini Top  + Cheeky Bikini Bottom  // Metallic Bandeau + Cutout Bottoms // High Neck Cutout Bikini Top + Cutout Bikini Bottoms // Cover Up Pants // Cover Up Maxi Dress // Foliage Swim Cover Up // Cover Up Dress


I totally love sandals and I think they’re some of the easiest shoes to wear. I have quite a collection and I love wearing them to the beach, the mall, to lunch, etc. I think they’re perfect for dressing up or down an outfit! Besides sandals, I’m also a huge fan of wedges! I love how casual they can be and I love how they add a little height and a little flirtiness to an outfit!

Toe Ring Sandals // Criss Cross Sandals // Logo Flip Flop //  Jelly Sandal // Whipstitched Sandal (15 colors – I love these, I’ve had 4 pairs) // Strappy Studded Sandal // Espadrille Wedge // Studded Wedge // Strappy Wedge // Lace Up Wedge