Mother’s Day Gift Guide 2017

mothers day

Bracelet  Estella Bartlett Heart Charm Bracelet // Sandals Jack Rogers Adeline Sandal // Coin Purse Marc Jacobs leather Coin Purse // Eye Shadow Palette Urban Decay Naked 3 // Jeweled Earrings Marchesa Floral Ear Jacket // Lipstick Burberry Lip Velvet in Light Nude (only $34!) // Perfume Tory Burch Eau de Parfum + Matching Lotion // Sunhat Floppy Straw Sun Hat (only $15!) // Phone Case Sonix Zebra iPhone Case

Hey y’all! Mother’s Day is fast approaching (it’s on May 14th) and like you, I’ve been struggling to get my mom the perfect gift! My mom was recently diagnosed with cancer so I’m thinking of getting her something a little more personal and heartfelt then the above gifts but I’m also totally loving those as back-ups! I’m really loving Etsy right now and I’m totally thinking of having something personally customized for her!

Most of the gifts above are a little pricey depending on your given budget but anything you think your mom will love will do! I’m totally all about handmade gifts and cards and breakfast in bed! This day is about celebrating someone who means the world to you! I’m so fortunate to have a mom like mine – even if we fight and argue and butt head to head!

Hopefully this mini guide helps you find something for your mom(s)!

Wishing you lots of luck!



April Inspiration

Spring officially started about 2 weeks ago and I couldn’t be more thrilled – especially since it’s actually starting to feel like spring these past few weeks!april inspo

I’m so ready for spring and with Summer only months away I’m already pulling out my spring and summer wardrobe and I’m slowly packing away all my winter clothing!

So a few of you may know that I’m going to LA the 14th to visit some friends and I’m totally living off of certain color palettes right now which are inspiring me and what I’m into lately! I’m packing for my trip using mostly white, cream, black, pale green, baby pink, and light blue! These colors are not only beautiful but they’re also so fun and feminine and also super in right now.

Below is a collage featuring some of my inspiration other than colors and things that are influencing me!

collage 1

As you can tell from the collage/inspiration board, I’m super into the bohemian look right now and everything that has to do with it! I love the feminine and flirty vibe of the looks above – I’m especially loving the lace and the flowing white dresses! I’m also taking so much inspiration from flowers! My favorites are peonies but I’m loving these pretty pink roses! I also love the shades of brown which happen to compliment almost everything in this collage. I especially love the brown butcher paper that is used to wrap the flowers. I personally love getting fresh flowers in the city and having them wrapped like that for a more boho and organic vibe opposed to the usually plastic wrap. Another thing that has been inspiring me lately is architecture! I’m so obsessed with stopping and snapping pictures of pretty buildings and structures all around! This collage is full of my favorite things and it serves as the perfect April/Pre Los Angeles Inspiration Board.

Below are some of my favorite fashion pieces right now inspired by my above inspiration board that you can shop using the links below! I happen to own a lot of similar products to these!

april fashion

1. Bomber Jacket (only $25) // 2. Lace Up Flats // 3. Denim Shorts  // 4. iPhone Case (similar) // 5. Cuff Bracelet // 6. Bikini Top // 7. Bandana // 8. Sandals // 9. Sunnies

I’m loving all these pieces right now and most of them are fairly priced and I would highly recommend picking some of the pieces up! If not, similar items can be found elsewhere for a variety of prices!

I’m totally into bomber jackets right now and I love them for going out! I just added a baby pink one to my wardrobe and I can’t wait to bring it to LA. Also, bandanas happen to be my thing right now! I love tying them around my neck as a statement piece!


What’s New at Target!


Target is my happy place and there’s no question about it. I go there 2-3x a week and lately while browsing I’ve been noticing quite a bit of baby pink and it turns out, Mossimo Supply Co. released a ballet collection! FYI it’s to die for! I’m loving everything from the collection an it’s really hard to say no to any of it! I’m a huge fan of baby pink and heather gray and I love how feminine and classic it all is! This is by far my favorite collection Target has released ever! The best thing about this collection is that everything is under $30!

Shop some of my favorite pieces below!

Cowl Pullover Sweater (just bought this for $8.50) // Skater Skirt // Wrap Bodysuit // Pink Tutu // Knit T-Shirt Dress // Pink Bomber Jacket // Wrap Legging // Cold Shoulder Sweater // Ruched Legging 

These were my favs from the collection and you can shop the rest of the collection here!

Happy shopping xo!


Inspiration Board: December



Last month, I was all about the pastel shades of green and begonia and anything purple but right now I’m feeling tans, baby pinks, and shades of red (mostly maroon). My current inspiration board is inspired by higher end fashion pieces and higher end models not that that’s important – I was digging the colors mostly and the pictures happened to fit. I also added a quote thscreen-shot-2016-11-27-at-8-13-27-pmis time and I think it’s really inspiring. Back to my point, I’m inspired by these colors and I see myself incorporating them into my wardrobe quite often.

Like I said, I’m digging these colors and I think they’re so in and cute right now. Especially when mixed and match. I love nudes and tans with almost anything because they literally match almost any color. I also love shades of pink (baby pink happens to be my absolute favorite shade). I find myself wearing that quite often even if it’s spring-y/summer-y. I tend to find myself wearing it with lots of neutrals and whites and blacks and other pieces that happen to bring it into the winter season. I have always been a fan of maroon as well, even in
the summer. I love how rich in color it is and I love how it matches so much. I feel like I can wear it with my J.Crew Tartan City Mini or my gold sequined skirt and either way it works perfectly. It’s such a pretty color and it’s a more fun alternative to the boring and usual black (not that I’m not a fan of black #lavieennoir). There are so many other cool I’m loving but these happen to be my favorites. I’m also really liking taupes, creams, and navy right now. Perfect winter colors that match everything. screen-shot-2016-11-27-at-8-17-27-pm

There are so many cute pieces out this winter and that are nothing new to the world of “fashion” but these are some that I really love and can’t get enough of. I love sunglasses and I swear I’m always looking for the perfect pair. Right now, I have the classic RayBan Wayfarer in a tortoise brown color but I’m really liking this sleek style from them as well and I think these would be such a cute and versatile staple piece in any wardrobe. I’m still obsessing over chokers, nothing new. I only have them in black but I’m starting to like the other shades and colors. I think a choker in maroon and one in baby pink would be so cute. Also, one in white satin would be so beautiful if you could pull it off (because personally, I cannot). OTK boots are so trendy right now and so many people are eyeing the Stuart Weitzman Tieland Boots but at the high price of $800 I could see the problem with not buying them. Luckily there are so many cute dupes and inspired styles all over the place! I bought a similar pair last year but ended up not wearing them as much so I sold them and here I am eyeing them again – hopefully I’ll add a similar pair to my shoe collection soon. The first time I ever saw a cape, it was from Burberry and I just thought it was the cutest thing I’ve ever seen and I never thought I could pull it off. Lately, I’m loving them and I’ve seen some really cute ones at Nordstrom and Target in a wide variety of prices. I especially love them when they have a pattern and when they’re worn over all black as a fun statement piece. I’ve always been a fan of just carrying around my wallet which doubles as a wristlet (I linked a similar style) but I’m finding myself carrying more and more stuff each week. I don’t think I need a tote bag but I totally see the purpose in carrying a cross body. There are so many cute styles everywhere – I love the RM Mini Mac. As per usual, I’m also still into faux fur everything. I don’t think I’m brave enough to pull off a full on fur jacket so I’ll just stick to my vests right now. Not only do faux fur jackets look cute and fun – they’re also warm so #bonus. I’m still really into anything off-the-shoulder and I’m in the market for a few more tops like this the are in basic and versatile colors for day to day wear. Lastly, I’m loving skater skirts. They’re so cute and fun and just add a completely flintiness to an outfit. I’m always looking for cute skirts and last time I saw forever 21 had some similar skirts just in different colors than what I’m looking for.

Right now this is everything I’m loving so if you’re loving anything let me know! XO.


Inspiration Board: November



Not a post I usually do however I’m considering doing this every month. Here’s a little bit of my fashion inspiration that I’m totally loving.I’m totally loving the look of these black and white photos and I’m obsessing over muted colors for this season. I’m also totally inspired by street style and statement pieces. I’m loving ripped denim, chokers, statement sunnies, and neutral makeup that still looks fierce and bold. I’m totally lovScreen Shot 2016-11-07 at 10.04.56 PM.pnging so many other things this fall – especially textures such as silk, leather, velvet, suede, and fur! Arielle from SomethingNavy declared on her snapchat that velvet was going to be big this season and she was so right! I keep noticing velvet pieces everywhere! Don’t forget patterns, I’m loving plaid right now ( mean c’mon, it screams fall). Besides patterns and textures I adore all the cute fringe and tassel pieces that are out right now! They were a huge hit for most bloggers and girls this past summer but tassels and fringe has totally carried itself into the current season. Check out this post for my November favorites.

Above are a few colors I’m loving for this season which seem to be appearing in so many stores. I’m loving this pale green/muted celery green color – I seriously need everything that comes in it. I’m also digging the wine color that isn’t so dark, I love the more muted version. Another color I love is the begonia color which has been featured almost everywhere as of lately. Victoria’s Secret added the color to it’s palette and it’s a must have for this season. Michael Kors also released a bunch of products with this color as well (while taking a peek in Marshall’s I saw a few purses in this color on sale)!


Besides muted colors I’m also loving black right now – this time last year I was obsessed with baby pink everything. I still love baby pink but right now I’m loving sleek all black looks and black staple pieces. Black is so fashionable and it will always be in style. I also love how versatile it is and it would pair well with any of the other colorsI mentioned above. On the right side is a mix of a few of my staple pieces in one of my go-to colors (I also added the brand names so you would be able to search for these pieces and I think they are all great deals – every single piece is under $200)!

A few must have pieces that I’m loving now are vests/jackets, over the knee boots, jeans with an asymmetrical hem, chunky knit cowl neck sweaters, ankle booties leather jackets, trench coats, and  anything metallic! I’m also obsessing over any and all types of bodysuits! Off the shoulder anything is also super cute and super in right now! All of the mentioned pieces would also look super together if mixed and matched and for the most part they’re all staple pieces that can be dressed and down.

There are so many cute trend that I’m loving this season, but if you have any more to add, feel free to add below!


My November Favorites

I’m always expanding my wardrobe and style, but this month I’ve started expanding while mixing a few of my old favorinovember-favoritestes as well! Lately I’ve been loving darker colors as well as pale shades (my favorite being a pale green). I’m also taking inspiration from so many style bloggers and pulling inspiration from different tumblr pictures.
I’ve lately been shopping at Forever 21 and HM for a few of these trendy pieces that are super in right now. I highly recommend checking out stores such as asos, Forever 21, HM, Charlotte Russe, etc.

  1. Faux Fur: I love textures and I love faux fur anything! I absolutely am obsessed with faux fur jackets yet I haven’t tried to pull one off yet, I own a few fur vests which I love! I’ve seen a few cute faux fur jackets at Forever 21 and Target and I think they’re so cute and reasonably priced. I think they’re also super trendy and cute statement pieces within a wardrobe. With the right outfit they would be perfect for any holiday party!
  2. Naked 3 Palette: This has long been a favorite of mine – I’m obsessed with all the shimmery shades and the lighter shades. I have been puling out my palette more and more and giving it more use! This is by far my favorite palette and the only one I will consider repurchasing. I wasn’t a huge fan of the 1 and 2. This palette is a little bit of an investment but highly worth it I’ve had mine for quite a while and I’ve yet to hit pan! I also think it’s the perfect versatile palette for casual and glam make up looks.
  3. Bodysuits: These have been around for so long and I’ve always liked them, but lately I’m just absolutely obsessed with them and I’m always looking for a good bodysuit! My favorite ones are from Forever21! They are super soft, good quality, and totally worth the price! Whenever I go shopping, I always find myself looking for a good bodysuit!
  4. Boyfriend Jeans: I love how versatile boyfriend jeans are and I think they are perfect for any outfit! I usually wear mine with a body suit or a crop top. I think they are super comfy and I especially love them when they’re distressed! My favorite ones happen to be from America Eagle but I’ve seen a few cute pairs at other stores and I also think they would be an easy and fun DIY project if you’re the crafty type.
  5. High Tops: I swear I’m having an identity crisis because I used to hate high top converse with a passion. I used to think they were so boring and plain and ugly and look at me now. The white pair are my go to casual shoes for the fall. I love how comfy they are and I love the look of white converse with boyfriend jeans, leggings, skirts, etc. They are such a cute and casual shoe. Also, I love how affordable they are! The low ones are also super cute, I have those too and I also tend to wear them quite a bit.
  6. Chokers: I love chokers I think they’re so fun and trendy and they give such an edge to a look. I have a few and I’m always looking for more. Forever21 has the best chokers around and they’re all super reasonably priced (all under like $10). They’re just so fun and I love wearing mine all the time!
  7. York Wristlet: I used to be obsessed with purses for a while and it’s not like I don’t like them, but lately I’ve been into just carrying around a wristlet. I hate having a big bulky bag lately and I just tend to carry my wristlet. I love this one and it’s my favorite one I own, I love how much it carries and I also really love how my iPhone fits into it!
  8. Lace-Up Flats: I have been loving lace up flats recently. I have a pair and I’ve been wearing them nonstop (when I’m not wearing my converse). I think they are super cute and trendy and I think they add a fun little flair to almost any outfit. I think they look super cute with boyfriend jeans and a striped top or even a fun skater skirt! I defiantly think every girl should have a pair!


My 2 Greatest Fashion Inspirations

 Fashion is a huge part of my life and it’s always been something I’ve been into even if I haven’tscreen-shot-2016-10-22-at-11-55-16-am always been good at it (and whose to say I am) because fashion is relative and not every one sees things the way some people do. I however like how I dress when I’m not in Lulu and an oversized shirt. I think it’s a great way to express yourself and to show others who you are and how you feel. An outfit or a pair of shoes can say a lot depending on the day and I love that fact. Here I am talking about the people who inspired me to find my own style and create my own image. Luckily, I got to live in one of the greatest fashion capitals in the world – New York City! Some day I hope to visit a few more!

Bill Cunningham (1929-2016)

I know you’re probably thinking Bill Cunningham? But he was a great photographer most known for photographing street fashion while on his bike and infamous blue jacket. He practically lived on Fifth Ave and was known by all – everyone would look for the man on a bicycle with a camera in his hand. He was one of New York’s living landmarks and was truly missed when he passed away. The New York Times dedicated a paper to him full of tributes from High End and well known designers. This man was truly missed within the world of fashion and will forever be missed.

Why I love Bill Cunningham and why he inspires me (regardless of the fact that he wasn’t necessarily in street fashion) is because he truly did turn the streets into a runway. He was known for capturing people on the street such as Anna Wintour also known as Vogue’s editor-in-chief. His photography was amazing and the things he inspired will never be forgotten. He will truly be missed by all and the fashion world has lost someone  who was truly extraordinary in all ways. I highly recommend reading about him because he truly lived a one of a kind life and it really was inspiring.

“The best fashion show is on the street – always has been and always will be”.

Anna Wintour (1949-)

Anna’s name is well known within the fashion world and she’s a very sought after person. Vogue is the leading fashion magazine within the word featuring a wide array of celebrities on it’s cover. To be featured on the cover is a true blessing. Forbes deems her as the most influential woman in fashion. Why I really like her though is because she is the chairwoman in charge of making the Met Gala as spectacular as it is. She is what inspired fashion and has always made the Met Gala as powerful and successful as it is. She has turned it into a powerhouse of new and exciting fashion and the most influential people in the world.

The Met Gala is hosted at New York’s very own Metropolitan Museum of Art near 72nd and is one of the Met’s only events that must fund itself. I love seeing how the celebrities and some of the worlds most influential people dress up to fit the them. The past theme was Manus X Machina was based on an exhibition which inspired a ton of designers to create some of the best dresses and looks I’ve ever seen. Alexander Wang created the most gorgeous dress I have ever seen and the beautiful Claire Danes was the one who got to wear that real life work of art.

Anna Wintour has paved the way for fashion and I love how she trail blazes through the fashion world and the paths she is making. The traditions and wisdom she will leave behind will be ones that will never be forgotten. She has succeeded in everything she has done from Vogue to the Met Gala and I am so grateful we live in a world where Anna Wintour is alive.

If you really want to know a little more about Anna Wintour, check out this video! She truly is an amazing and interesting woman.