Packing Tips

packing post

So a few of y’all may know that I’m going to Los Angeles in 2 weeks for a trip to see my friend Austin – he lives more in Santa Barbara so that’s mostly where I’ll be! I’ll also be having a layover in Dallas and I’ll finally get to meet my gal Jas – all the feels, I’m honestly so pumped!

Alright, so I’m a horrible packer and I like to pack everything that I think I may wear but I really only end up wearing a few things on rotation so in the end I end up way over packing! I’m trying to manage to fit all my stuff into a carry on but I may end up having to check my bag because the amount of stuff I’m packing is getting pretty ridiculous. So here are a few tips that I have!

▼ Maximize your carry on(s) ▼

I’m almost positive I’m going to end up checking my bag because the standard carry on I have is a little too small seeing how it exactly fits the carry on sizing limits. But I know for a fact I’m bringing my North Face Backpack which is easy to carry and it’s fairly roomy! I highly recommend a backpack opposed to a large tote or duffel bag because it frees up both hands. If you really feel the need, bringing a cross body would also help – you would be able to keep important things at easy reach and still be hands free!

A good tip when packing your carry on’s is to have things you may need in case your luggage gets lost. I’ll be carrying my Mac, chargers, my makeup bag, jewelry, etc. I’m definitely also bringing a bag of essentials and a change of clothes that are weather appropriate!

▼ Packing Cubes + Other Storage Bags

Holy crap I love these! I love how easily they help to store clothes and keep things organized! I know whenever I go somewhere my suitcase always becomes a jumbled mess with everything packed loosely! I think these are so handy and Target right now has some really cute ones here and here! Not only are they handy for travel but it also helps you maximize space and cut down on clutter! I also love these bags for travel!

So the suitcase I’m most likely bring is this one from Swiss Gear which I absolutely adore! When I purchased mine it not only came with a wet bag (which I’m storing all my bathing suits in) but it came with a garment bag and another miscellaneous bag which I’ll most likely end up storing all my tank tops and basics in! I love the fact that this suitcase has so many places to store items in and I love the fact that it allows you to compartmentalize things!

Stick to a color palette ▼

Like stated, I’m an overpacker and I tend to pack everything and anything I think I may wear. This trip I’m sticking to a color palette to help maximize all my outfits! My logic is that if I stick to a color palette, almost everything I pack should be interchangeable and should match most everything else! The palette I’m sticking with is white, cream, baby pink, black, and pale green! I’m hoping if I do this, then I won’t need to pack as many clothing items because they’ll all be able to mix and match with ease!

Also, packing staples is a must! Right now I have 5 different black bottoms packed which shouldn’t be the case! Cutting back on these would not only save space, but would probably make my suitcase quite a bit lighter! Only try to pack one of everything that you will need! In the end I would like to bring only 2 different black bottoms!

Shoes is also a really hard one for me because I have so many and I love them all so much! Right now I pretty much have my shoe situation figured out and I’m only trying to bring one of each color – i.e. nude heels, black wedges, black heels, etc. Shoes are super heavy and take up a lot of room and I’m really trying to make space in my suitcase! Also, knowing me I’ll probably only wear 1-2 pairs the whole time I’m there!

So far these are the tips I’m trying to follow! Hopefully everything goes smoothly but I still have a little less than 2 weeks to get everything all situated!